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Since the early 90’s the implication of double wall safety systems become a industrial standard in ground water protection. Since then Sidoma (Sicherheitsdoppelmantel ) Systeme GmbH developped contiuous new technologies for better safety in industrial plants.

Various articles are published in leading magazines. As environment protection became a global issue we expand our business abroad. We are now the leading company worldwide in monitored safety double wall systems. Companies such as Exxonmobil, Evonik, Bayer, Siemens, Vopak, use our technology.

Sidoma invest continuously in new breaking technologies. We will anounce a new double block and blow valves as part of our manufacturing program.

Market leader


Where redundant safety plays an important role we have the right solution from a single product to a sophisticated complete custom made system. As a manufacturing and engineering company we can give you a individual concept from one single source.

Sidoma is located in the Center of Europe with its manufacturing in the Rhein/Main Area southeast of Frankfurt, and the engineering department in downtown Frankfurt with 20 min to the international airport.


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